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Silo Cleaning & Maintenance

Silo Cleaning & Maintenance is a specialist task and should only be undertaken by trained and experienced personnel. Our cleaning services range from general dust downs to removal of bridged products. Our maintenance services range from inspections to application of specialist coatings.

Confined Space Cleaning
Entry into a confined space requires extensive planning and safe systems of work put in place prior to any works being carried out. Our cleaning services can be applied to all confined spaces where there is a need for product build up to be removed, this often leads to increased productivity and manufacture.

Confined Space Supervision & Rescue
Before entry is made into any confined space, a safe system of work must be implicated, this must include a rescue plan. All works that are carried out in confined spaces must also be properly supervised, this role generally looks after the welfare of the entrants. Our operatives regularly practice rescue scenarios.

Confined Space Maintenance & Inspection
Our services range from inspections using cover meters and carbonation testing for concrete to inspections using photographic and diagrammatic reports. Maintenance can consist of removal of loose debris or substrate to replacing filters in ducting.

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