Rope Access

What is Rope Access?

Industrial Roped Access is a form of work positioning initially developed from techniques used in climbing and caving which applies practical rope work to cater for the various needs of industry. Complete Access provide specialist staff who have solid experience in particular types of work. We have an exemplary safety record that derives from rigorous adherence to the following safety characteristics.

  • Supply and acknowledgement of site specific working method statements and risk assessments
  • Rigorous training requirements produce professional, highly aware technicians
  • Technicians work from two ropes – a working rope and a back-up, safety rope – and is permanently attached to both whilst working.
  • When the worker is supported by ropes, each of the workers ropes will have a failsafe descent mechanism
  • All secondary tools and equipment (e.g. drills, cleaning equipment etc) are attached by lanyards to the workers harness
  • A minimum of two technicians are required on any job
  • All technicians are trained in roped access techniques every three years and are independently assessed
  • Training includes rescue procedures
  • All equipment is visually inspected prior to every use and forms part of a six monthly fully documented inspection program.
  • Codes of practice and working systems have been carefully refined over the years by the HSE and the Industrial Rope Access Trade Association.
  • All of our technicians are trained to IRATA standards, working toBS ISO 22846.

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